"I have never thought people should have to pay for being sick."

Rick Redalen, MD. 1969

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Have you watched our national news lately? It is hard for me to imagine the entire news scene being occupied about a little cold spell hitting the United States.

I am a 75-year-old physician who grew up in Northwestern North Dakota in the town of Williston. I would like you to know that in all the years I attended school prior to graduation from Williston High School in 1961, not once was school called off for cold weather or snow. Granted, we had cold weather all winter long and if we started picking days to be off for cold and snow, our school officials would probably have had to shut the school down from November to March. It would have been hard to pick out a single day to be off. As I recall, one of the biggest controversies while...

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DR. Rick Redalen

The Maverick Doctor


Rick Redalen MD, the Maverick Doctor, is a retired American physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  Redalen practiced medicine for nearly thirty years across United States.  His medical career focused on family medicine both in a traditional medical practice and emergency room settings.  After retiring as a physician, Redalen began to focus on founding companies to improve the quality of patient care and information.  Exit Care was the first of these companies and provided standardized hospital discharge paperwork that was written in plain English instead of technical terms.  Redalen founded Quest Global Benefits to help businesses and individuals navigate the changing health insurance market resulting from the Affordable Care Act.


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February 7, 2020

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