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Why do Physicians Fight about Privileges?

The way physicians fight over privileges, wouldn’t you think there is this huge shortage of patients? Aren’t there really enough patients to go around? That doctor’s kid should not really have to go without a new sled this Christmas just because he didn’t have enough patients to see today should he?

What is the big deal on physicians fighting over patients? That is actually what these turf wars are all about you know. Do any of you honestly think that Dr. Jones down the street actually cares if Dr. Bill a couple blocks over can read an EKG well enough to save your life or change your treatment for the better? If he really did, Dr. Jones would always be rushing over to read Dr. Bill’s EKGs to make sure Dr. Bill’s patients got the same level of care he gave his patients. A little facetious and overly simplified but I am sure you get the picture.

All of this would probably make some sense if you did not have a three month wait to get into see your physician. That is right. You get to see your doctor three months after you have called in to be seen for the illness you were at that time currently experiencing. By the time you get to see your physician that particular problem has cleared up. Now you have to hope you have something else for him to see you for. If you only get four time slots per year you do not want to waste one.

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