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Texas Healthcare for the Medicaid Patient

According to the statistics of the Texas Medical Association (TMA) Texas physicians available to treat new Medicaid patients have plummeted from 42 percent in 2010 to 31 percent which is an all-time low. In my internet searching, this is the lowest I can find in the United States. Do these statistics have anything to do with the fact Texas ranks 50th among all states in the care given its citizens? The TMA says it does its best to bring good medical care to the State of Texas. However if nearly 70 percent of the indigent population of Texas cannot find care unless they are lucky enough to find the 30 percent of physicians in the state who will see them, what kind of care is that.

How do we meet these problems? Is it not time for physicians to stand up and have a conscience. Do we as physicians really sleep well at night knowing we are not doing our best to help the poorest of the poor?

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