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Entitlements USA, love those Democrats

While working in an emergency department in one of our lower forty-eights one night an eighteen year old girl began crying when we told her she was pregnant. I do not know what upset her. She had her other seven children with her and they did not seem to mind.

On another night a fifteen year old came to the emergency department in active labor and accompanying her was her five year old child.

It always surprises a person to hear from a fourteen year old child when told she is pregnant, “Oh great, now I can get me a medical card.” Yes, indeed. That first pregnancy is the ticket to automatic welfare for the rest of your childbearing years and eighteen beyond that. It is also necessary to stay single. And how do we get a raise every year? Well, that is the easy part. Society just seems to condone having another baby. Ten babies, ten raises in income and perhaps none going to the needy child. The baby I mean, not the child having the baby.

In the case of the eighteen year old above with her eighth pregnancy can you imagine the cost if you do the math and the eight children also have eight babies by the time they are nineteen. And just think if these eight are also blessed by lots of nieces and nephews’ society can support 4,096 welfare dependents. Hopefully a handful of these children will have live-at-home fathers and by the grace of God pull themselves out of the welfare quagmire to acquire an education.

Hard telling how long we can keep this up but if we keep rewarding bad behavior, it can continue until the wealthy and middle class supporting the system decide to move elsewhere to spend their money on more worthwhile causes. Gotta love those Democrats. What a way to get votes and win elections.

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