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A Disgusting, Dishonorable Way to Create Sales but Legal in Only Two Countries

According to Dr. Mercola in an article written in July 16, 2012 advertising directly to consumers (DTC) is considered so dangerous that only two countries in the world allow this and you might know the United States of America is one of those countries; New Zealand is the other.

This can happen because in 1997 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) passed laws which allowed drug companies to do away with full disclosure on the medication they were pushing. Well of course this is entirely necessary. If the drug companies had to make full disclosures the TV program you were watching would be only 5 minutes long with the other 55 minutes taken for the medication and their voluminous side effects. Can you imagine how long it would take to give full disclosure on a birth control pill?

Now drug companies only have to meet an adequate standard. How on earth did our FDA come up with a namby-pamby rule such as this? Now we only have to provide “adequate” information to the consumer. I am guessing ‘adequate’ used in this context means the side effects that are most likely to kill you.

I guess all of this is somewhat understandable if you comprehend the pressure our government is under to provide Obamacare to everyone in spite of falling short by tens of millions of citizens. The more people that die, the less our government is going to have to pay for medical care. I am sure you all know that even though this sentiment may not be voiced, it is certainly in the thinking of our politicians on the left and our president.

Anyone who thinks our present healthcare system can survive another four years of what we currently have is probably grossly under educated.

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