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What do foreign countries think of American Health Care

Some of this sentiment you have heard from me previously.

About a little over a year ago I met a great little nurse from Nepal who was taking care of my wife Lori. I asked her where the majority of people from Nepal went for their postgraduate education. She said she had chosen the United States along with most of her same age relatives. She said this has changed quite remarkably over the past several years and now she felt most of the people were going to China for advanced medical education.

Just by chance, I met a young man in a gas station this morning who was also from Nepal. I asked him where the people of Nepal were going for their post graduate education. He replied, “If you are going into medicine or engineering, the main place of study is China.” He said this is common knowledge in his country.

America, we have to wake up. We no longer can be complacent about our education and health care. American teachers, you have to wake up also. Are you content knowing you are offering education to our young people that ranks 37th in the world? American doctors and nurses, are you content that we rank behind Cuba in neonatal mortality? Our young doctors have grown up in an educational system that is not even second best and because of that early education, they are providing the poorest health care in the world among industrialized countries.

We must change.

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