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How Our Big Government Throws the Care of the Poorest and Oldest on the Backs of its Doctors

A little while ago I needed a very minor surgical procedure. I asked my business partner Daphne if she would do me the favor of calling around for me to find someone who would do it. I said, “Tell them I have Medicare.” Daphne called forty-nine offices, bless her soul. Not one of them would seem me.

I then told Daphne to tell them I was a cash patient. The first office called accepted me. The procedure was accomplished within a couple days. What are the elderly to do if they have no money? They go without care, food or medicine or something they think they can survive without for a month or two. This is not an uncommon occurrence.

I met hundreds of people like this while out on the road stumping for Trump. I met one elderly Medicare patient who had to take out a mortgage on her home to get a surgical procedure done. No one would care for her as a Medicare patient. This poor distressed lady was looking for a job as she did not have the money to pay for her mortgage. Imagine that. Elderly, retired, living hand to mouth and now trying to get back in the working ranks in order to keep the home you have had for your entire life.

America, are you ashamed yet? We all ought to be. The reason this happens is our government does not pay our doctors enough to care for these people. That is a fact. The care of our poor on Medicaid and elderly on Medicare has been thrown on the backs of American physicians. Our government as it rapes and pillages the wallets of our people expects our physicians to take money out of their pockets to care for these poor unfortunates at the expense of care for their own families.

If we do not take our healthcare back from our government we will soon all have no care and if we do not fight for this, perhaps this is the care we deserve. How much are we willing to give up? If it is not us caught in this quagmire today, it will be us or our families tomorrow.

This is Dr. Rick Redalen, the Maverick Doctor helping you address the mess. More later about how the system works.

Dr. Rick R. Redalen, M.D., the Maverick Doctor, is a retired American physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. His nearly thirty year medical career focused on family medicine both in traditional medical practice and emergency room settings. After retiring as a physician, Redalen’s focus changed to improving the quality of patient care and health education. He did this by founding Exit Care, a software company formed to provided standardized hospital discharge paperwork and patient education written in plain English instead of technical terms. Dr. Redalen more recently founded Quest Global Benefits to help employees attain optimal health outcomes while holding down costs for their employers. Visit, email or call 928-719-7582.

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