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How our Government Bureaucracy Gets Rid of Its Highest Health Care Costs

In my last blog, I told you how our government expects its physicians and all healthcare workers to care for the elderly without being paid for it. Many physicians simply cannot keep accepting new Medicare patients. It costs them too much for what they are paid.

What this means to us elderly is that when we cannot see a doctor for our care we will often forego that care, perhaps in order to eat. The government bureaucracy sees this in its cost benefit analysis as a good thing. Most healthcare dollars are spent in the last years of life. Same as it has always been. If we can just get enough seniors to die a little sooner, just think how many dollars we can trim off our healthcare budget.

We are not going to pay our doctors and nurses and other medical personnel any more. But wow, we can spend that much more on our bureaucracy and stick more money in our greedy little pockets. You need to be aware that this is happening every day. Not only is this happening you have people who know nothing about medicine deciding what medication or procedure a patient can have. If they can do so more cost effectively, damn the fact the outcome is no good. The outcome does not matter to the bureaucrat.

How do we get our politicians to care about this? After all, most of them can afford to care for their families if they get in a tight spot, can’t they? Well hell, they don’t get in tight spots. There are plenty of lobbyists that will make sure their care is paid for. The lobbyists are there for their handout after they’ve helped. God bless America.

This is Dr. Rick Redalen, the Maverick Doctor, who is doing his best to help you address this mess. I ask you to please, please, please take this seriously.

Dr. Rick R. Redalen, M.D., the Maverick Doctor, is a retired American physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. His nearly thirty year medical career focused on family medicine both in traditional medical practice and emergency room settings. After retiring as a physician, Redalen’s focus changed to improving the quality of patient care and health education. He did this by founding Exit Care, a software company formed to provided standardized hospital discharge paperwork and patient education written in plain English instead of technical terms. Dr. Redalen more recently founded Quest Global Benefits to help employees attain optimal health outcomes while holding down costs for their employers. Visit, email or call 928-719-7582.

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