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We’re Getting Rid of the Elderly; Now Let’s Try for a Hat Trick and Get Rid of the Poor and Disadvan

This is Dr. Rick again. I’ve been showing you how our government is getting rid of the elderly. But heck, they don’t discriminate. They want to get rid of the poor also. Our government makes it so doctors simply can’t take care of Medicaid patients any more without eventually forcing themselves out of business.

Bear with me. I’m going to make this up but will hit the nail on the head. Imagine a Medicaid patient comes to a doctor’s office and needs a broken arm cared for. The doctor has to do x-rays, set the arm if the bones are displaced, put on a cast and re-x-ray the fracture to see the bones remain in place following the casting. They then may put on a sling and see the patient in a week or two to see how everything is going. They of course have to take the cast off in five to six weeks and then may do a follow up x-ray to make sure everything is progressing as expected. All this may cost the physician several hundred dollars. But our government says, ‘we’re going to pay you one hundred dollars and that is it’.

How does the doctor keep his office open if he does this day after day? Today only 30 percent of Texas physicians see Medicaid patients. Sounds un-Christian and rather immoral doesn’t it? In the long run the doctor has to care for himself and his own family.

We all have to come together as a village and care for each other. When did this country become one which does not care for our brothers but only care for themselves? We are not only fractured in medicine. It extends into our education, our private lives and the way we live. If we ever want to lead the world again in anything, it is time to start caring. Help someone. Lend a hand when you see someone in need. One day that person needing a hand will be you.

This is Dr. Rick Redalen, the Maverick Doctor, and I want to help you address the mess.

Dr. Rick R. Redalen, M.D., the Maverick Doctor, is a retired American physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. His nearly thirty year medical career focused on family medicine both in traditional medical practice and emergency room settings. After retiring as a physician, Redalen’s focus changed to improving the quality of patient care and health education. He did this by founding Exit Care, a software company formed to provided standardized hospital discharge paperwork and patient education written in plain English instead of technical terms. Dr. Redalen more recently founded Quest Global Benefits to help employees attain optimal health outcomes while holding down costs for their employers. Visit, email or call 928-719-7582.

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