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The Evolution of Healthcare

I am a physician who after graduating from Medical School in 1968 has watched the evolution of health care over the past four decades. I am going to try and educate you, the public, on how medicine got into the dire straits it is in. It requires an effort by all of us to address this problem with a ground swell of all people if we are going to get this straightened out and right.

Upon graduating from medical school at the University of Nebraska in 1968 the United States ranked number one in medical care. Currently we rank 38th.

How did The United States get into our current position in medical care behind the rest of the industrialized world?

In my next communications I will try to help you understand how we got here and what we need to do to address these problems. This may not have a huge impact on us the elderly, but if the generations behind us do not change how things are done, the United States is heading into third world country status for medical care. Please send these blogs onto your friends. It will take a ground swell from our youth to change our compass heading.

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