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Medical Tourism Abroad: Cayman Islands

I recently visited Health City Cayman Islands on Grand Cayman. I highly recommend this hospital for affordable compassionate care you may not be able to get elsewhere and for sure not affordable if you live in the continental United States.

The USA now ranks 50th in healthcare efficiency in the world. It is time to go somewhere else if you want good care. Tell them Dr. Redalen sent you. And no, I do not receive compensation for this advice. I simply want my fellow Americans to receive the best care possible at the most reasonable and inexpensive prices. You deserve better. God bless.

P.S. America has great doctors and great nurses. However, they are now controlled and run by gigantic corporations and bean counters. They either produce or they are history. Do everything possible to support our doctors and nurses but if you have a loved one in a critical situation, do you really want them cared for in the most pitiable healthcare system in the world?

P.S.S. I, Rick R. Redalen, M.D., am a 74 year old general physician who has delivered nearly 1000 babies, performed several hundred major surgeries, and helped run 22 emergency departments over a span of nearly fifty years in medicine.

In my lifetime I would like to see medicine return to its golden years of greatness when we ranked number one in the world in healthcare.

And keep in mind America, we will never again achieve this greatness while we have an educational system that is also last place in the world. You cannot send a high school senior to college with an eighth grade education and expect them to become a rocket scientist let alone a doctor of medicine.

A country that was once the best in the world can no longer compete against third world countries in health care or education. We are no longer the destination for education let alone healthcare. Who do you suppose took our place? Stay tuned. Visit

God Bless,


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