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From the desk of Rick R. Redalen, M.D.

The United States has fallen to 50th place in the world in healthcare efficiency. We formerly were the destination for people all over the world to continue their education, further their medical training or receive their healthcare. That is no longer the case and currently we are not first in the world in little if anything other than what we charge for our health care.

My partners and I are attempting to alleviate the healthcare crisis in the U.S. This of course will take years to accomplish but the time to start is now.

We deserve better and we shall have it.

Medicine should NOT be based on capitalism. Medicine is a service required for every living person and animal on the face of this planet. It should never be given at the expense of loss of dignity or ability to care for one’s self in a humanitarian manner. This is not a service for the wealthy nor one withheld from the less fortunate. It is an altruistic endeavor which should be offered to all people in equivalent, comparable and equal measure.

The time is now for citizens to get better healthcare. This may not affect you now, but when your loved one dies because of poor healthcare, it definitely will.

My dear wife Lori O’Neal Redalen passed away on May 29, 2015 at the age of sixty-two because of Texas and American healthcare. In spite of my warnings to over one half dozen different specialists in the Dallas-Forth Worth area that she was going to die if they did not change their approach to finding out what was wrong. They reassured me her tests were normal and she was fine. Can you imagine a physician thinking a person is fine just because their laboratory tests and radiologic studies are negative? Absolutely incredulous.

That was exactly what happened. I lost my very best friend and an important part of my life simply because we stayed in the United States too long rather than going to a country ranked first in the world for healthcare rather than staying here where we rank among the last in the world.

America has to stop resting on its laurels which no longer exist. We are no longer number one in most things in the world. Just saying so does not make it so. It is time to wake up. Visit

God Bless,


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