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Why does our government want to keep fighting with California?

If California wants to be a Sanctuary State, let them. Fill all their sanctuary cities with additional illegal aliens. I am sure Governor Jerry Brown and the rest of the state residents will be happy taking care of their less fortunate neighbors, illegal though they may be.

All the states that are against providing sanctuary, free healthcare, education and other forms of welfare to illegals could provide bus fares to California for illegals who want sanctuary. This frees up those states from the added costs of education, healthcare, welfare, etc. This would more than offset the costs of the bus fares. Not only that, the illegals would be happy not having to fear deportation anymore, unless of course they cross the California state line in which case ICE could promptly help them get to their legal country of residence.

Illegals would be restricted to living in California and not be able to freely live in or travel to another state unless invited. The invitation could be offered because of special needed skills or education they could provide to another state. They would have no voting rights, except for state voting rights in California as allowed.

California needs all these workers and doesn’t mind the added costs. How great is that? We give California everything they seem to want and they provide for the needs of all the illegal immigrants. It is a win-win for everyone. Not only that, the illegal aliens now registered in California can start paying taxes and help the state out of its financial mess which was also a self-created problem.

Rick R. Redalen, M.D. Maverick Doctor

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