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American Healthcare

America is one of the few countries in the world without free healthcare and the only one among all industrialized countries.

So what group of countries does our country fit in with? I am just going to name a few, and these include: Afghanistan, Angola, Belize, Bururundi, Bulgaria, Chad, Comoros, Dominican Republic, Dominica, etc., etc.

Isn’t it great the great United States of America can keep up with these underprivileged countries with no free healthcare. Not only do we not provide healthcare to all our citizens, but the healthcare that is provided does not even rank as high as some of these third world countries.

You listen to all conservative news channels and they are all against single payor systems of healthcare. Liz Wheeler, among many conservative news commentators, has said several times on her show the “Tipping Point” that single payor systems don’t work.

Isn’t it strange they work for every industrialized country in the world except the United States of America. They all rank far above our country in quality and accessibility to healthcare.

So, what is different? Are we that much dumber? Well, actually, we are also the last in education among all those countries. Of course, they teach reading, writing and arithmetic. We teach how to recognize and treat LBGT and which is the correct bathroom to use, not to mention the top course in political correctness.

We also have to keep in mind our special interest groups and lobbyists. Remember your congressional leaders accept millions of dollars from the lobbyists to keep America as it is. Why the hell should we want to lift the paltry tariffs on the rest of the world when our congressional leaders steal far more from their constituents than foreign countries.

Wake up America. Vote your officials out of office if they do not support universal and improved healthcare for our great country. God bless.

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