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Should with people other ideologies be allowed to serve in our courts and political arenas?

Being politically correct all the time will eventually be the downfall of our country. I was told that by an Indian gentleman speaking at a motivational seminar at the Will Roger’s Arena in Fort Worth a couple years ago. We now have two Muslim congressional leaders. I am a missionary who has traveled extensively in South and Central America and Africa.

Do any of you think it is possible to have un-American ideologies and serve our country in our courts or as congressional leaders? I have had many conversations with our Muslim brothers. I am in the habit of always saying God bless you. I often ask them what do you prefer I say, May Allah bless you or may God Bless you. The answer is uniformly the same from the Muslims. They say, it does not matter. They are the same person. I find it interesting and a little puzzling the answer I receive from Christians. A Christian says they do not worship the same God we (I) do. Very few Christians think it is the same God in my insignificant informal polling numbers.

Traveling back and forth to Africa on numerous occasions, I am often seated beside a Muslim. You get to talk a lot on 18 to 20 hour and longer trips. I asked one Muslim going to Istanbul, how do you think we would get along if we didn’t have governments? He said as friends, the same as us sitting here now. He added on, We all want to get to heaven, we are just on different flights. I thought that to be an interesting analogy. He invited me to come and stay with him and his family sometime so he could show me Istanbul. I am sorry I have not done so yet and have since lost touch.

In spite of us getting along well, we have different ideologies. When I am in Muslim countries and hear the calls to worship, I often think they are perhaps better followers of their religion than I am of mine. I can actually use their morning call to worship as my alarm clock as when I am at the Haven of Rest in Kampala, Uganda, the call to worship was promptly at 6 a.m. and believe me, you can set your clock by it. This is the prayer before dawn, when everyone puts down their prayer rugs and bows to their holy city and God. They do this four more times during the day bowing in contrition.

When I ask Muslims about the suras (verses of the sword) they tell me that they do not believe the verses are asking them to kill infidels. But in believing in Islamic laws some believe in Sharia law which is incompatible with much of American laws and our history. We have been at war with the Muslims since before the times of the Barbary pirates. Most Muslims I have met in my travels have become my friends and I am truly not sure how we handle our differences, but I now think there is probably not as much difference as between the Republicans and the Democrats. Is there a way to peace through negotiation?

Or will we humans remain the destructive force that destroys this beautiful planet God has give to us to live and work on?

God bless all of you,

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