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Human Trafficking and Open Borders

How does a political party that stands up for women’s and children’s rights block legislation that would protect American borders? Modern day slavery persists in most countries of the world and is a global problem. It is a $150,000,000, yes that is a B, one hundred fifty billion dollar a year business. Just think, the Democrats are standing up for this. If they do not know they are, then perhaps we should educate those Democrats in need. Over 40 million souls are trafficked per year. Two million of those are in the United States. Most trafficking is women and children. If we are the largest purchaser of illegal drugs in the world is it difficult to ascertain we may also be the largest purchaser of human flesh? I will let you draw your own conclusion as to what these young ladies and children are used for.

In 2016 in America, according to the Global Slavery Index, our country had 5,591 potential cases of sexual slavery. In America, 95% of human trafficking involves sex trafficking. Of those cases, 65% involve children. When we know that is happening in our own country why would we provide open access to criminals coming across the border with a child, knowing only when accompanied by a child will they receive sanctuary. We do not know how many of these children are exploited for these reasons. We do know the value a child provides for sexual predators. This is bad enough however; the real value up front for selling children is what the predator makes from selling their organs. Know also that a substantial number of the predators crossing the Mexican border to America are with children they have purchased from their own parents. One less mouth to feed and get paid for it, what could be better.

We have a political party in the United States of America that is a help to this practice of human trafficking. I do believe if the grandchildren of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were part of that sex trafficking and sold into slavery, they might offer another solution for border protection. Why is it that politicians such as these two feel they are isolated from crimes against humanity? It is probably for the security they have in place or the fences around their homes. But of course, everyone knows fences do not provide security as we are informed over and over by Chuck and Nancy. I think people such as this will receive their just rewards in heaven.

I especially think that on the Mexico-California border we should start handing out fliers giving the addresses of Nancy and Chuck. Just tell everyone a free lunch awaits them there. The people coming across our borders are overall, not educated, have no means, and can contribute little to America in their present state of existence.

Is it humanitarian to let them all in? I think not. Humanitarianism has nothing to do with America wanting to protect our borders. It is not only our right, it is our duty. We have a duty to protect our citizens. The founding fathers of this country, those who made our country what it is, also came to our borders to escape from oppressive regimes. So, what is the difference? They came to a new world that offered them nothing. Many of the Irish people streaming to the United States came here simply because they were starving in Ireland due to the potato famine. All our immigrants made this the greatest country in the world.

Why do we allow these people into our country and offer them free room and board and we do not do the same for our own citizens? We have hundreds of thousands of homeless people. Why do we not care for them first? I guess the Democrats think perhaps they do not vote. Perhaps the Democrats do not want to put on their work clothes and go out and get their votes from people sleeping on streets, living under bridges and aimlessly wandering homeless without an address. No, the people of the world like Chuck and Nancy, walking around making the rules and wearing white gloves so they will not get their hands dirty, are an abomination to the world. No one wants people like these. However, the United States of America is the only country in the world that allows people like Chuck and Nancy to live and exercise their rights and to boot, we even make them Privileged. What gives.

We can help protect these children by not having open borders, having gates to keep out illegal aliens and to only let in people legally to our country.

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Thank you.

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