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Israel and the State of the World

During my recent trip to Israel, I could not help but be impressed with the resolve and determination of the people I met. I mentioned in my previous blog, while there, Hamas launched 695 rockets into Israel which did not seem to affect the demeanor of the Israeli people in the least.

Source: BBC

Why is this important to we American citizens from a country half a world away? Israel is the strongest ally we Americans have in the Middle East. That is important because if Israel ceased to exist, it would affect world peace and as strong as the United States and the rest of the world may be, we would all be affected. Instability would not end in the Middle East.

This is not just about the United States of America and Israel. It is about the world. It is about China, North Korea, Iran and the rest of the Arab world that does not always hold our country in high esteem.

Fortunately, we have the first president ever that is willing to stand up to all the countries that would do away with America. What a blessing it is to have POTUS Donald Trump as our leader. Can you imagine what he would get done if left-leaning Republicans and Democrats would just care about America?

Dr. Rick Redalen

The Maverick Doctor

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