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My Visit to Israel

I returned this week from visiting Israel for the second time over the past two and one-half years. During my time in Israel, I met a fairly large number of Israeli people in their homes and had the opportunity to dine and commune with them. It was a wonderful time for me among some great people whose strength and determination is to be commended.


During my time there, Hamas launched 695 missiles into Israel. What is interesting is that the missiles are all launched from schools and churches and any number of places where they can be placed among their own children and families knowing Israel will be reluctant to protect themselves by retaliation for fear of killing innocent civilians.

Until the controllers of the Arab states think enough of their children and citizens, to stop using their own citizens as shields there will be no end to war. If you are having trouble reasoning through this, think of the following. How many suicide bombers are Israelis, or for that matter, Norwegians, Swedes or any other countries you can name? NONE.

Can you imagine a society that pays the families of their young adults who elect to be suicide bombers? They are paid from the martyr’s fund set up to handle such atrocities. Why not call it what it is? It is a terrorist fund set up to reward the killing of the Jewish people. I do not know if families of terrorists are proud of their children’s acts of terrorism. I would think they would rather have their child.

Dr. Rick Redalen

The Maverick Doctor

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