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Democrats’ New Platform, Impeach Trump

I love the Democrats’ new platform for the 2020 elections. Impeach Trump!

This will be the first time a political party has run on a platform that does not care about issues. Education, to hell with that. We want our voters the same as the people coming across our borders, mostly un-educated and un-skilled.

I am sure many of you older people recall that the way governments have always controlled people. Keep them uneducated and un-informed. Uneducated people who need a free lunch and government handouts vote for the party that wants to keep them that way.

The Democratic party has always run this way. If we give enough minorities a free lunch and just enough money to live on, we should be able to control their vote. Maybe if we even give them free cell phones so they can spread the word to their friends, we can get some more votes.

Remember the Obama phones and free minutes. They were given out to about 20 million people. I remember seeing free phone signs in Louisiana that pointed in a direction of where to get them. They were called Lifeline Linkups. They should have been called Democratic Lifelines. Wow they were handy. When you ran out of minutes, you just threw them in the swamp and got a new phone.

Only requirement, vote Democrat.

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