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Homelessness in LA County

Homelessness jumps 12% in L.A. County and 16% in the city, leaving officials ‘stunned’. This is a headline dated June 4th, 2019 in the Los Angeles Times. Here is a small excerpt from that article.

“But among others in L.A. County, the point-in-time count crushed the optimism from last year’s tally, when a modest decrease in homelessness was recorded. The uptick left officials struggling to understand how the tide could have turned so badly in a year when millions of dollars had been spent rolling out new initiatives to move people into shelters and permanent housing.”

Only in California can you imagine seeing something like this. Officials struggling to understand how the tide is turning so badly for the homeless. I guess these officials think that all the hundreds of thousands of homeless streaming across the border are carrying a home on their back or at least a nice tent that will present well on the city streets.

Why don’t we hand all these people out the addresses of the sanctuary cities and where the free meals are served. Also send out the addresses of all the Democrats and especially Schumer and Pelosi.

Why is the housing situation getting so bad? Really?

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