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Government Shutdowns - Can We Stop Them?

Unless Americans become concerned about how they are represented in Congress, will anything ever change? All of us can easily recognize that our congressional leaders taken as a whole never pass legislation that affects them adversely.

Why do you suppose it is that they don’t pass a law that forbids working as a lobbyist for at least five years or longer after leaving office? Even though most of them leave Congress as multi-millionaires, they know even more lucrative jobs await them in the private sector.

And what happens when they can’t agree on anything and our government shuts down? They continue to get paid as usual. Why not pass a law that exempts them from a salary the same as all the government workers they are impacting?

If they decide to pass a law that every legislator receives a new Rolls Royce ever year to be used as a company (government in our case) car, it will probably be passed because they make the laws and are not going to pass up something that will benefit them and their families.

I am sure many of our congressional leaders were brought up with some semblance of honesty and integrity, but somewhere along the line it got lost. The congressional leaders that have maintained these two great virtues are not strong enough in number to sway the self-indulged narcissists who dwell on themselves and their needs of which they are certain are much more important than their constituents.

Shame on us for keeping these losers in office. The Chuck Schumers, Nancy Pelosis, Paul Ryans, and Mitch McConnells of this world could drop off the face of the earth and no one would notice they were missing. Perhaps not even their spouses and children who probably draw unwanted peer ire because of the misdeeds of their parents.

Come on America. Let’s act.

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