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2020 Democratic Platform, The New Platform of 2020

American people, in the coming election we promise to impeach our president. He is the guy who has created the best economy the United States has seen in perhaps forever. We will get you a president who combs his hair the way we like it, and one with good children no one can say anything bad about. What a package he or she will be.

That miserable POTUS is the only president that has constantly caused trouble with all the countries we have been bending over for. Let’s get back to the Obama years. We, the Democrats, promise to renew our contract with Iran and to smooth things out we will give them a plane load full of money rather than just free up a hundred billion here and there for them to use in their Anti-American and anti-western activities.

All of you may ask, how are we going to raise all that money. Easy. We are going to take away all those tax advantages you received but did not deserve, and we’re going to distribute those to the Iranians.

Do not worry. You will still receive distributions. All of you who lose those tax benefits, we will reimburse you by taking away money from the rich and distribute it to the non-workers and less advantaged. And, you non-workers didn’t get a tax break anyway because you paid no taxes. You will come way out ahead.

Some of the money we take from the rich we will use to improve education in California. As you know from Burgess Owen’s statement the other night on OAN news covering the House Judiciary hearing on slavery reparations, 75% of “black boys” in the Democratic state of California can’t read. We promise you when we are done, at least 60% will be able to read when they graduate from high school, and we promise it will be at least at the eight-grade level.

God bless you all, even you people in Hillary’s basket of deplorables.

Rick R. Redalen, M.D.

Pick up a copy of my book “God’s Tiniest Angel and the Last Unicorn,” available on Amazon.

Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and around the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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