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Democrats’ Plans for A Welfare Society

Hey America, time to wake up this morning with some thoughts for you to mull over today.

With all the new immigrants coming into this country illegally, do any of you wonder why? They do not have health care in their own country but have found that by being a detainee at the border they now have health care. They are also fed, another benefit of coming to America.

One of the wonderful things about making the trek to the border is that often along the way some families can sell their extra children and make money to spend once they are in America. Fewer mouths to feed and more money, what could be better?

I bet some of you think I am being sarcastic and harsh. I have pictures taken of four babies found in garbage cans in one week in Guatemala which were rescued by the Casa Aleluya. The Casa Aleluya has rescued thousands of orphans over the years and now cares for over four hundred children and young adults. It is time we in America start looking at the world a little more realistically. We cannot and should not continue imposing our American values on every other country of the world.

The life we provide the immigrants at the border is far better than the life they came from. Why do you think they keep on coming? Why don’t we be a little more altruistic and start bringing in all the poor and disadvantaged from India, South America and Africa. After all, we are the richest country on the planet. They can come to our sanctuary cities where the citizens living there are happy to add them to their welfare roles until they can learn to speak English, get a college education and assimilate into our society, and if they are black, get $25,000 from Kamala Harris to put a down payment on a home. Do they really have to be black or can a dark skinned Indian also qualify for this help?

We do some great things in disadvantaged Third World countries. We close up their sweat shops which are an abomination to American people and instead of the children making the fifty cents or less an hour, they are now forced out on the streets to sell their little bodies for less than that a day. Wake up America!

God bless you all from the Maverick Doctor,

Rick R. Redalen, M.D.

Pick up a copy of my book “God’s Tiniest Angel and the Last Unicorn,” available on Amazon.

Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and around the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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