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Congressional Ideological Differences

I have been writing about some of the differences in ideologies in our Congress. An ideology is a system of beliefs and principles, the basis for our American way of governing. In America, almost all of our founding principles are based on the Christian Bible. These beliefs are what most of us want our children educated on in our schools. We want the most successful democratic government in the history of our planet to continue when we are gone. This is not too much to expect.

America is the most successful culture in the history of this planet. One does not have to look too far to see many other failed governments in the world. Not only has our government and way of caring for our citizens been successful, but it has also eclipsed the entire globe when it comes to accomplishments, be they monetary or individual successes. No wonder we are proud to be Americans. No wonder most of us stand up for our American Flag and our National Anthem and feel our hearts swell when in their presence.

When it comes to wealth, we have accumulated more wealth than the rest of the entire planet. Our human rights, though flawed, have been improving throughout our history. Granted, many of us would like to go into the past and change things, but we cannot. We must change as a people as we move forward. This will take generations. It does not happen overnight. Unfortunately, some of our children are still exposed to the biases and prejudices of the past.

I think we can improve and lessen our prejudices; however, ideologies are much harder to change and if your teachings remain the same, perhaps they cannot. If your system of beliefs is based on the Koran (Quran) and that is the book you swear your oath on to the American people when inducted into Congress, you really cannot make your case for being in our Congress. You have no business being in our Congress. Shame on you! I am not racist but believe in our system of government regardless of how bad it may be failing right now. I know Muslims believe in their system of government. I have traveled in many Muslim countries. As I have said previously, I cannot run for office in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, or any other Muslim country. The people in those countries are not prejudiced in not wanting me. They are simply logical and pragmatic. They are supporting their own system of beliefs in a realistic, sensible and down to Earth way. And if the people liked me, it would still be improper for me to be in their governing body. Shame on me if I should try.

Americans, if you want Muslims with their belief system in our Congress, perhaps you should first read their Bible. Please stay with me and my writings. Having traveled in many Muslim countries and having read the Koran, I am going to share some of our ideological differences and why our American Christian government is not compatible with theirs. I am not racist, nor are the Muslims who have been my friends. They have the same beliefs as I do but admit I have not met any Muslims who want to kill me simply because I will not submit to their system of beliefs or ideals.

God bless all of you. That is a blessing on Muslims, Christians, Jews and all the other religions of the world. Please remember, we all believe in the same God, but with conceptual differences.

Rick R Redalen, MD, Maverick Doctor.

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Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and around the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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