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Today I am going to give you some words from the late great Paul Harvey. You young people may never have heard of Paul Harvey. According to almost everybody, he was the greatest radio announcer of the twentieth century. Heck some of you young people may not be familiar with the old transistor radios we elderly carried around as kids. In the late fifties as a kid in Williston, North Dakota, I used to fall asleep listening to KOMA in Oklahoma.

I am going to share some beautiful words with you that came from a book named Paul Harvey’s America which was written by Stephen Mansfield and David A. Holland. It is about our kind police officers that help us in our everyday life and whom none of us could do without. God bless, and as Paul Harvey would say, “Here’s the rest of the story.”

“What is a policeman made of? He, of all men, is once the most needed and the most unwanted. He’s a strangely nameless creature who is “sir” to his face and “fuzz” to his back. He must be such a diplomat that he can settle differences between individuals so that each will think he won.

But… if the policeman is neat, he’s conceited; if he’s a careless he’s a bum. If he’s pleasant, he’s flirting; if not, he’s a grouch. He must make an instant decision which would require months for a lawyer to make.

But…if he hurries, he’s careless; if he’s deliberate, he’s lazy. He must be the first to an accident and infallible with his diagnosis. He must be able to start breathing, stop bleeding, tie splints and, above all, be sure the victim goes home without a limp.

Or expect to be sued.

The police officer must know every gun, draw on the run, and hit where it doesn’t hurt. He must be able to whip two men twice his size and half his age without damaging his uniform and without being “brutal”.

If you hit him he’s a coward. If he hits you he’s a bully.

A policeman must know everything---and not tell. He must know where all the sin is and not partake. A policeman must, from a single strand of hair, be able to describe the crime, the weapon, and the criminal---and tell you where the criminal is hiding. But…if he catches the criminal, he’s lucky; if he doesn’t he’s a dunce.

If he gets promoted, he has political pull; if he doesn’t, he’s a dullard. The policeman must chase a bum lead to a dead-end, stake out ten nights to tag one witness who saw it happen---but refused to remember.

The policeman must be a minister, a social worker, a diplomat, a tough guy and a gentleman.

And, of course, he’d have to be a genius…for he will have to feed a family on a policeman’s salary.”

Paul Harvey’s -America 2009 And that was the rest of the story. Please print this out and give it to officers who are your friends or protectors. Let them know you care.

God bless America, Rick R Redalen, MD, Maverick Doctor

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Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and around the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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