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Syrian Troop Withdrawal

Once again, our president is under fire for withdrawing our remaining American troops from Syria. Are our politicians uninformed? Do we believe that twenty-eight American troops are controlling what happens in Turkey? Do we believe twenty-eight American troops are the only ones protecting the nearly 2 million Kurds? This is one of the smallest fractions of Kurds, all of whom live across the Middle East and do not have a country of their own, much the same as the Jews when they did not have Israel. Such is the diaspora of the Kurds.

Currently, there are about 11,000 ISIS fighters in captivity. Are they all contained by the few remaining Americans in Syria? It seems dubious at best, but our congressional leaders seem to want all us Americans to believe this. They want us to believe that we will be responsible for a war that is breaking out; however, they fail to point out that these wars have been going on for decades and were happening long before Obama or Trump ever thought of the presidency.

When Americans joined forces with the Kurds the Kurds were already fighting the Turks and Syrians in varying skirmishes. They were labeled as a terrorist group by our pentagon leaders. They remain as threats to both Turkey and Syria similar to the perceived threat Israel poses to the Middle East. Why would our country want more American soldiers to be killed in the process? There must be an economic windfall for someone in this. We do everything for money, so who is benefitting? It must in one way or another be benefitting some of our congressional leaders. But, who? Is this the only thing Democrats and some Republicans can agree on?

It is indeed sad that our leaders do not want their constituents to know what is going on. It is even sadder that conflicts that have been going on for decades are now being blamed on President Donald Trump, who is trying to do the right thing. Why don’t the whipped Republicans develop a backbone for a change? Wouldn’t it be great to see a Republican walk upright with a chest pushed out and oozing of confidence that we have not seen for a long, long time?

It is a terrifying thought, but what if we get a few more Paul Ryans as congressional leaders? What would remain of this downtrodden country with leaders as underhanded and self-serving as that? It is time to wake up America. Our country is under siege and we must fight to keep our republic. Can we come up with the strength of our fearless Christian forefathers who formed this great republic? It is time we step up and do so.

God bless America. Rick Redalen, MD, Maverick Doctor

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Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and around the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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