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Fate of a Nation

What can befall our Christian Nation now? Can any well-meaning American think any good can come from the destruction of our newborn or those babies within minutes of being born? What good can this possibly do in our country? What benefit comes from the killing of the unborn? This is a choice made by the people having an abortion. Have we become a disgraced country in the eyes of the world? Or do Americans no longer care?

What kind of people are these that do not believe in the rights of the unborn? These are the choices they are making. They first had the choice of whether to have a sexual liaison. They had already made the choice not to be on birth control. Then they used up another choice and decided not to use protection against pregnancy. Finally, they chose passion instead of thinking and had intercourse at a time when they were fertile. Choices, choices, choices and each and every one of them wrong.

If we live in a country where it is OK to kill babies, wouldn’t it be a short step away from killing the elderly? And if we can kill the elderly, perhaps by withholding healthcare from them, why not kill the less desirables in our country, such as the lame, the blind, and the infirm so we don’t have to support them. I personally do not know a person who is less desirable, but I am sure the people that can kill a baby can name several hundred. That would be anyone other than them, wouldn’t it?

We are all God’s children. The Jewish people were all God’s Chosen People, and even though chosen, when they disobeyed and forgot about pleasing God, He punished them. He often punished them by using the Jewish people’s enemies, or countries that were less desirable than Israel. Is this not the way all parents should be towards their own children? We do not help children by not teaching them boundaries.

Perhaps it will not be long before God will teach us our boundaries and we may possibly be taught them the hard way. Do we Americans think God is turning a blind eye to what is happening in our nation? Can any of us go to bed at night with a clear conscience if we are not fighting to change the evils that are now going on around all of us?

All conservatives, this is the most important election I have had the privilege to take part in during my entire life, God willing. This is an election of good versus evil. I do not know how a political party can be complicit in allowing the trafficking of young children for the use of sex slaves. The Democrats are aware that sex trafficking is contributing to this, yet they want open borders. How can it be, that in our country, that now often has liberal lawlessness in our streets wants to allow freedom for criminals from other countries to enter our country without documents or means to support themselves?

How does a person in a strange country without means of support do so? I guess the Democrats think if they take a little money away from the poor, they can give to the illegal aliens, have more poor and more votes.

This is all beyond this poor man’s thinking person’s ability to comprehend. It is incomprehensible, but since when have Democrats used thinking to diminish their rabid attacks on the conservatives and our Christian way of life? They are indeed a party without a purpose. When is the last time a Democrat helped one, let alone any, of their constituents? A hard question to answer, isn’t it. What is the fate of this nation?

God bless America. Rick Redalen, MD, Maverick Doctor

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Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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