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Qassem Soleimani

As usual, the entire left-wing media is criticizing our POTUS Trump over the airstrike that killed Qassem Soleimani. They all predict an imminent war with Iran because we killed one of their leading terrorists who was, directly and indirectly, responsible for hundreds if not thousands of American deaths.

Are any of us able to look at the big picture? The world today is filled with dozens of countries that wish the United States would disappear into the earth along with Israel. I personally think, without the insider knowledge our President has, that this extermination of an extremist wanting Americans dead, sends a message to the world.

We have countries such as China that want to take over the American first place in the world and would like to replace the American Dollar with the Chinese yuan (renminbi or RMB).

Should or could the American Dollar ever be supplanted as the International Monetary Unit? What’s the story? During WWI, the American dollar replaced the British Pound. The Pound was backed by Gold as were most currencies of the world at that time to lend stability to their individual currencies and to the rest of the world.

During the war, many countries abandoned the Gold Standard in order to pay war expenses with paper money. This devalued their currency. This was the first time the British ever had to borrow to meet debts.

Move on to WWII and the USA, which entered the war much later, was supplying Allies with all the necessary needs a nation uses to promote war. The USA was paid mostly in gold and suddenly with the largest gold reserves in the world, the United States had the only currency in the world backed by gold.

In 1944, delegates from 44 Allied countries met in Bretton Wood, New Hampshire. Here is was decided via the Bretton Woods Agreement that currencies of the world could no longer be backed by gold but could be backed by the U.S. Dollar which was linked to gold. From this, the USD was made the world reserve currency and all other currencies then became pegged to the USD.

How did I get from the elimination of Qassem Soleimani to money? This act of retaliation sends a message to the world that we have a President that is not going to be the same doormat as the previous Obama administration and his apology tours. It is unlikely a North Korea or China is going to engage in a similar tack to destabilize America and our dollar.

The loss of our dollar as the world international monetary unit would cause huge instabilities in our country and none of them to the advantage of the American citizen. Thus, our POTUS Trump sent a message to the world and not just Iran, “Message sent and delivered.”

God bless all you Americans out there. Get out and vote in 2020. Our nation and Christianity are under attack. Quit turning the other cheek.

God bless all of you. Rick Redalen, MD, Maverick Doctor

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Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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