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Democrats Destruction of Christian America

Do any of you reading this ever wonder why relatively few people have such a profound influence on our society? Why did we get rid of prayer in the schools?

As of 2014, the Pew Religious Landscape survey reported that 22.8% of the U.S. population is religiously unaffiliated, atheists made up 3.1% and agnostics made up 4% of the U.S. population. The 2014 General Social Survey reported that 21% of Americans had no religion with 3% being atheist and 5% being agnostic.

The above statistics point out that barely over one quarter of the people of the USA are not committed to religion with only 3% being atheist. How do a couple of these people manage to get prayers thrown out of the school, when the majority of American citizens are against this? This began happening in the 70’s when America had a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. They thought they would help Margaret Sanger get rid of the weeds. Back then as one Democrat put it, “We don’t need no more Negroes, we don’t have much cotton to pick”.

Can we begin to imagine how the USA would fare now if we had a House, Senate, and Presidency controlled by Democrats? Would abortion become the law of the land? Would the USA become known as the country with more deaths by abortion than we have soldiers dying in wars? Is this something we want? If we do not care if children are killed while still in the birth canal right up until the time of birth, do we really care about school shootings and what is the difference? Oh, of course, I know! But, is there really a difference?

After the school shootings, everyone wants to start praying. Why? Isn’t that kind of like closing the gates after the cattle are out? Is this what we are going to do with illegal immigration? The Democrats will keep letting in illegals until they can make up the majority of the vote. Do Democrats think they can control the vote once this happens?

What will our country be like when we keep putting Muslims in congress? Once we have Sharia law in this country, do we all think we can put the genie back in the bottle?

Americans, it is time to wake up! We either take control of our country while we still can, or we will lose it forever. This election coming up in 2020 will be the most important election in our lifetime. Once we have given away our country to foreigners, who are given the right to vote simply for crossing our border, where do we go from there?

Can any of you imagine a way to get our country back? I simply cannot see a path forward when our country is no longer ruled by Americans? Can you?

God bless all of you. I hope you are all still Americans 50 years from now. Rick Redalen, MD, Maverick Doctor

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Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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