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New Rules for Illegal Aliens

Are all you Americans aware of the new bills that Democrats are attempting to pass re: illegal aliens? The proposed bill is called the New Ways Forward Act. No publicity for the bill but the bill is sponsored by 44 Democrats, including Ilhan Omar and AOC. It is 4400 words long, very similar in length to our Constitution.

It would remake our immigration laws completely, and allow criminals to immigrate to the United States with complete immunity. Convictions of felonies should not lead to deportation. Hasten Garcia, of Illinois, is for this. Crimes of moral turpitude are not reasons to deport. Child molestation, racketeering, and other felonies are not grounds for removal from our country. Imagine that! The illegal aliens have no laws to go by and our Democrats will protect them.

What in the HELL is wrong with this country? What has happened to the Democratic party? Why do they choose to protect felons from other countries and not protect the people of this country? They want no crimes to be a cause for deportation! Imagine that! When was the last time you were able to cross our borders without your passport? Illegals don’t need one.

We have many anti-American judges that support these laws. They were mostly admitted to the bench during the Obama years. Get this, a drug cartel leader can come to the United States without penalties. We Americans will be penalized to the limits of the law. How does that work?

Just think we are allowing child molesters, abolishing laws against drug traffickers and sex trafficking, to have a free pass. What do the Democrats gain from this? I simply do not get it. Crimes of any type are allowed to immigrate here. Illegal entry into America is decriminalized. This is considered white supremacy if we deport criminals. ICE will have no rights and it does not matter what crimes you have committed. Your criminal history including the rape and murder of your children is not a strike against you. Imagine that! If you can!

What is going on in the heads of democrats? Not only if we try to deport them, we must pay for their tickets to come back home. Home is now the good old USA. YUP! They did nothing for our country, but now they have all the rights Americans have. They just do not pay anything into our system and are granted all the rights of our country regardless of illegal entry.

I really cannot imagine our Democratic party granting favor to all illegal aliens into our country. When I question Democrats, most of them do not know why these things are happening. How do Illegals get free healthcare, education and housing while not granting the same to our own citizens? What is going on here?

Help me out America! How do we stem this tide? Does the Democratic party understand what will happen to our country if illegals soon outnumber the legal citizens in our country? We cannot allow this to happen. It MUST NOT happen.

God bless all you Americans. Rick Redalen, MD, Maverick Doctor

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Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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