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Democratic Debate Who Won

For the first time last night I watched the entire Democratic Debate. Perhaps it should have been called the Democratic debacle. The entire stage unloaded on Michael Bloomberg. Everyone is down on billionaires. Makes sense, I guess, but I bet if you had a secret ballot and asked everyone who wants to be a billionaire, they all would have answered in the affirmative. Why not?

When you look at everyone up on the stage, not one of them had ever started a business except Bloomberg. Not one had ever employed hundreds of thousands of people. Get rid of him and you have a stage full of people that have never accomplished anything, or if they have, they were slow to point it out. They are all wannabes. They all extol the virtues of their proposals to help the American people, but when it comes right down to it, have any of them done anything? Nope!

The consensus seems to be that Pocahontas did the best. I guess her tribe suggested she scored a big win. But did any of them really? The masses that gathered in Nevada to hear Trump got the same results that our POTUS is getting wherever he shows up. Massive turnouts with people standing in line for hours to hear President Donald J. Trump’s plans for the future. We already know he is accomplishing everything he has promised the American people he would do.

What are the Democrats promising the American people? Last night for at least half the debate I heard how they are going to get rid of the most successful President Americans have ever had. What a platform to stand on! We have a platform of let’s destroy something. We couldn’t accomplish an impeachment, but let’s let the American people know we can get rid of Donald J. Trump. I think mainly what they are accomplishing is that the American people are learning how to get rid of them, the do-nothing Democrats.

All Americans know that the Democrats are going to start impeachment 102 and keep it up as long as our POTUS is in office, and accomplishing all he says he is going to do. Imagine the country we would have right now if our president had help from the Democrats or even his own party. Imagine our success if we had not had the likes of Paul Ryan, a RHINO Republican, against his party every step of the way. It is time for all of us to get rid of politicians that are not working with our president to make our country greater. We need to take back the House of Representatives. Hopefully, if the American voter can do this, perhaps this time the Republicans will grow a backbone and accomplish something for our country.

As for ‘healthcare for all’, we need it. We deserve it. The richest country in the world should not rank last in the world in healthcare. We rank 37th in the world. Healthcare is a right. It is not a privilege for the rich and advantaged. Not one of us should go to sleep at night knowing that a poor person, perhaps sleeping under a bridge, has no healthcare.

Global warming! Democrats and Republicans should not be at polar opposites when it comes to issues such as these. Figure it out for gosh sakes. We are the only country in the world who pretends global warming doesn’t exist. Of course, how could we possibly know that? We also rank last in the world when it comes to education.

Yes America, we are no longer number one, except in obesity and the cost of medical care. Oh, excuse me, I think Mexico just passed us in the obesity department. I bet we can win that title back if the Democrats manage to leave our border open to all. Who are the Democrats going to blame when the first Coronavirus carriers come across our border? How will they protect the tent city homeless in Los Angeles and San Francisco then? Kind of fun to think about, how the Democrats will answer this, isn’t it?

God bless all of you, Democrats included. We all need to work together to keep our country.

Not just great again but ‘KEEPING OUR COUNTRY’. Rick Redalen, MD, Maverick Doctor.

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Dr. Rick is a retired American physician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has done mission work around the country and the world. He is now on a mission to improve healthcare in America. Visit or email him at

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